BESIDE is a mentorship program for sexually exploited and trafficked women to find restoration to live a healthy life.


Our goal is to:
Nurture TRANSFORMATION through God’s Word
Foster COMMUNITY through healthy relationships
Cultivate OPPORTUNITY through positive resources


BESIDE offers:

  • Two female mentors to walk beside each woman to provide biblical study and prayer support along with practical help in everyday decisions as one might a sister, friend, daughter or granddaughter.


BESIDE Mentors assist with healthy life choices such as:

• Identifying educational pursuits/tutoring help

• Providing drug addiction recovery programs options

• Accompanying to legal hearings, doctor’s appointments, etc.

• Establishing healthy relationships

• Setting personal boundaries

• Building a healthy self esteem

• Maintaining personal health

• Practicing effective parenting skills

• Executing wise money management

• Connecting with other community resources


What women are saying about BESIDE:

“…I’ve been in church my whole life but never experienced this kind of JOY until I served outside the church!”

“…you and your team (mentors) are a few but it feels like an army on my side!”

Recently taped on a BESIDE friend’s bathroom mirror…”I am a reflection of the most high God!”

“..I forgot how to live. My mentors are showing me how to do that.”

“..I’m grateful my friend, who is in the BESIDE program, has women who care about her.”

“..Thank you for what a wonderful blessing Precious to God has been to me and my child. Thank you for believing in me.”

“..My mentors text are always right on time! Their prayers are a comfort.”

“..I love spending time with my mentors in bible study.”

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