Journey of Hope

Her journey to our country was one of desperation.  Perhaps this time things would be different.  Perhaps the aching in her soul born from years of heartache and abuse could finally be left behind.  A man, an American soldier, wanted her to come to America.  Anticipating the promises that awaited her, and holding on to her already strong faith in God, she travelled to our country…the home of the free. 

     Hopeful dreams quickly turned to nightmares, as she found herself imprisoned along with her young son.  Her life, at the bidding of the man she thought would save her, felt increasingly hopeless.  With their passports confiscated, totally alone in a new country, she had nowhere to turn. 

    But we have this hope…..Our Father heard her cries and rescued her.  Our merciful God put together an army of people, members of the body of Christ, to lift her up. He showed her a way out of the bondage.   Over time, he  brought her and her son to a loving church family.  He  provided education for her, a home for her and her son,  a job to support them, and people to love them.       

    The most beautiful part of her story remains.  Life is hard for a young women alone in a new country.  Loneliness surrounds her.  The past haunts her.  But, she is learning to lean on the One who loves her most.  Pouring herself into Scripture and prayer, she gets up every time she falls, learning to trust and accept love and forgiveness from the lover of her soul, Jesus Christ.  In spite of the tough road she has travelled so far in this life, her love for our Heavenly Father is rock strong.   Her face shines when she speaks of Him; her wisdom overwhelms us at times for one so young.  Her desire to obey, even when it hurts, and to please the One who made her will be her salvation. 

      This dear girl, to whom we are to minister, is ministering to us.  To God be the glory.