Precious to God is a volunteer-based ministry. Our directors and mentors all volunteer their time and do not get paid. Often times, they are volunteering their time and also money out of their own pockets to assist our BESIDE friends.

Here are some of the ways your giving has helped:

•  Tuition assistance

•  Recovery program entrance fees

•  Providing food/personal supplies

•  Materials for Bible study

•  Counseling services

•  Rent assistance

•  Training materials for mentors

We rely on the Lord’s wisdom on how we use our money so we may be good stewards of what He has so graciously given us. You can trust that by donating to this ministry, your money will be used wisely and strategically for the furthering of God’s kingdom. The Lord has truly blessed us by providing resources we need exactly when we need them!


If you would like to give to support Precious To God, please mail a tax-deductible gift to Precious To God at: 

PO Box 75192  Richmond, VA 23236

OR give Online here: