How you can join us in prayer:

  • Attend our next citywide prayer gathering, where you can join other believers in praying on behalf of the exploited. We will post future prayer gatherings here and email subscribers of with information. 
  • JOIN US! Next Citywide Awareness and Prayer Gathering – We will post details here or subscribe to our email list to find out more!
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  • Lift up this ministry and those exploited and trafficked in your daily prayers. If you don’t know where to start, you can subscribe to our email list, at for weekly prayer points.
  • You may also use the following prayer guide –
    • Praying for the Exploited Prayer Guide: A 28 day prayer guide to raise awareness of the issues of exploitation, human trafficking, and sex slavery in your community and around the world. Pray daily for the exploited and the exploiters.Download Here


The most popular question we get from people interested in doing something about human trafficking is, “What can I do?”  Sometimes the question comes with a feeling of needing to rescue women. Other times it comes with a feeling of hopelessness, “I’m not able to make a difference.” Our answer usually isn’t what people want to hear, “Pray.” The most important action a believer can do to stop human trafficking is to pray. For some, it doesn’t feel like enough. For all, it is a sacrifice of time. As Oswald Chambers puts it, “prayer does not equip us for greater works.. prayer IS the greater work.”

Praying is Doing! See below how you can join us in prayer!

At the birth of P2G, God placed on our heart those exploited globally as well as locally. Tragically exploitation abroad is often more vicious than at home. That is why having Emily Yount facilitate a prayer gathering was such a gift. God opened the door for Emily to travel to fifteen countries researching human trafficking. Take a look at the video clip above to hear her heart for seeing lives transformed through the gospel and our role in prayer.

Watch this short video above recorded during our prayer gathering at Richmond’s Jefferson Park for a taste of God’s people coming together with shared purpose, one heart, one voice.